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The Celestial Collection

A brand new collection on canvas

I wanted to explore fate, destiny, and the guidance of the stars and divine in our lives. I made these paintings while reflecting on my own life and the paths in front of me.

Every piece is painted in soft and rich shades of blue, midnight, and indigo and illuminated with sparkling gold in delicate detail.

I hope you'll enjoy my new work and all the love

I put into it.


The Inspiration

This has been a really hard year for my family.

We've faced challenges I thought we'd never face. My heart has been broken this year again and again. Yet I know good things will come of this.


This year was a test of trust for me. It was a practice in patience and positivity. There were days I could barely face, and there were days of immeasurable beauty.

Every time I went to my studio to paint,

I asked, "What is next?"

Every time my hands moved the water and pigment,

my heart asked the stars, the divine,

"Where do I go from here?"

As I dipped my brush in gold paint, lining each of the stars and moons in delicate, precise detail,

my heart asked, "How do I keep going?

Where is this road taking me?

I feel completely lost."

And the divine answered again and again with a kind, firm voice:

"You are not lost."

The Celestial Collection

I want to announce a brand new product I've added to my repertoire: mini tapestries!


Here's the backstory:


Sometimes paintings don't turn out the way you want them to.

I had one of these unusable paintings sitting against the wall in my studio for a few weeks, but I just couldn’t bring myself to let it go. 


I cut small rectangles out of the canvas and created my first mini tapestries. They are like sisters - cut from the same canvas and scattered to the winds like stars. I think they're a beautiful mini representation of my larger works, and I hope you'll agree.


A lot of love and work went into each one. I hope you enjoyed this extra addition to the collection! 


Mini Tapestries

I hope you've enjoyed this new collection as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Thank you so much for visiting my work and supporting my art journey.


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