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Silver Linings - Crescent Moon
  • Silver Linings - Crescent Moon


    Choosing to find the silver lining in every turn of life is a way to reframe those hard lessons, those hard changes, into something that gives instead of takes. It's easy to let the bad take so much from us, but the secret is that the bad only has so much power over our lives. The painful moments in life unwittingly stand on a trap door, and we hold the lever that can make them fall away. Find the silver lining, find the lessons, find the good that inevitably slips in unnoticed with the bad. And pull that lever.


    Original painting by Isla Jiang 'Silver Linings - Crescent Moon’ 2021

    10x10" canvas - unframed


    Part of the Celestial Collection, this piece is an expression of a moment in time and the desire to hold onto each passing moment. It shows the need to be present and feel every moment of joy and peace as we rest in the here and now without worry for the past or the future. Layers of transparent pigment reveal the depth of the deep blue color in calming, free strokes across the canvas.


    Mixed media on canvas. Signed by artist.


    *As not all computer monitors are the same, colors may vary slightly from actual work.


    *International buyers: Please contact me prior to purchasing for a shipping price quote.

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