The stars have always been a comfort for me, but never more than at the beginning of this year. After the new year, I felt lost. I felt like I had so many paths in front of me that I was frozen with indecision. What was the right path for me?

Then I realized there's no such thing as the "right" path. There is no wrong answer. I decided to stop worrying about whether or not I was headed the right way and trust that I was exactly where I needed to be.

Looking up at the stars is a reminder that our problems here on earth are so small and temporary. There's something beautiful about that perspective - about knowing that you are small and everything will be all right.

Winter Blue

I started working on this collection during a major shift in my life. After a year of putting what I enjoy into a category of "it will never happen", I felt inspired to dream.


Once I leaned in and considered the possibility that the only thing holding me back was myself, my whole world opened up and suddenly my dreams didn't seem so impossible.


I pushed myself, learned more, created more, and worked harder than I ever have to bring this to life.


This series is inspired by those dreams.


Afternoon Rains

Every afternoon, the thunderstorms roll in from the southeast and a blanket of rain turns the world fresh and light. The storms are soft and beautiful and fleeting. They are not shy or afraid, they know their purpose. They are here to refresh, renew.


I created this series with those storms in mind. The storms aren't ashamed of who they are. They are fearlessly, honestly themselves.


If we could see that we are a part of nature, we might recognize our power, love our fullness, our strength, our thunder. We might learn to love all of ourselves and not hold anything back.

Goddess Illustrations

I wanted to explore the myths and legends that fed my childhood imagination. The women I've known in my life have so much power and strength in them. They carry a kind of magic. They are brave and hopeful, fearless and strong - even when faced with those who don't listen and don't see them. 

In the end, each of us carries a little of these goddesses within us. Whether we are enjoying the life around us like Lakshmi, mourning our losses like Yemonja, or going after our desires like Artemis.


I wanted that to come through in this series. We are them, and they are us.

photo sep 10, 4 30 47 pm.jpg

Lavender Dreams

This series is about bravery, strength, and hope. I painted these mixed media pieces when we moved away from home for the first time. We had nothing waiting on us – no jobs, no house, no friends or family. But we went anyway.

We learned to trust in things outside of ourselves, to see the good and find joy even when it feels like the ground might go out from under you at any moment. Because it won't.


You'll find your way through, and there is beauty in the unknown.

Ocean Ink

Colorful creatures and coral fill these ocean illustrations. I want it to feel like you're looking at portraits of the ocean: bountiful, flourishing, and endless.


I started drawing these illustrations because I was in awe of the sea, but the goal wasn’t just to show how beautiful the ocean is, but to recognize how important it is to not only our lives but also those in the sea.

These ecosystems are meant to represent the ocean in its entirety and in its fragility.


Deep Seas

I painted this series when I was lost. I'd spent too much time thinking about what other people wanted from me, and I forgot why I started creating to begin with.


I returned to the core of myself - the moments that made me who I am. Those hours peering over the side of a sailboat, trying to memorize the waves against the hull, staring deep down into the cobalt ocean.


This series is about going to those places that can be frightening in ourselves, facing the darkness that feels so deep and endless, because those depths make us who we are.

Soft Storms

Storms give me comfort. To me they are promises of good times ahead and a reminder to be thankful. I created this series in a time in my life when the future seemed so unsure, so daunting. It felt like I had so much before me and nothing at the same time.


I created each piece with a unique light shining through the dark clouds, because these storms are worth a second look. There is beauty in them.


If we stop and take the time, we can see that there is always light waiting for us and there can be beauty even in darkness, worry, and sadness.