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This collection is inspired by my love for the sea, the comfort of the stars, and the love of my husband who has always been my unwavering support.

Every piece is painted in shades of magenta, violet, and blue and illuminated with sparkling gold in delicate detail.

There are twelve pieces in this new collection - each one named after a constellation in the night sky.

I hope you'll enjoy my new work and all the love

I put into it.


look to the stars

The stars have always been a comfort for me, but never more than at the beginning of this year.


After the new year, I felt lost. I felt like I had so many paths in front of me that I was frozen with indecision.


What was the right path for me?

Then I realized there's no such thing as the "right" path. There is no wrong answer. I decided to stop worrying about whether or not I was headed the right way and trust that I was exactly where I needed to be.

Looking up at the stars is a reminder that our problems here on earth are so small and temporary. There's something beautiful about that perspective - about knowing that you are small and everything will be all right.

I've been trusting the stars and the heavens to guide me this year, and I hope they can give you some comfort too.

The Starlight Collection

I hope you've enjoyed this new collection as much as I enjoyed creating it.


Thank you so much for visiting my work and supporting my art journey.


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