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Natural Inks

I use simple materials to create cute illustrations in 15 minutes or less, and I would love to help you make beautiful work too.

My Materials



I have been using these Koi watercolors for almost ten years now.

They are tried, tested, and true. The colors are rich, they blend well, and the come in a handy little case.



I use Micron pens, because they are consistent, they usually come

in a pack with multiple sizes, and they won't bleed when I

put watercolors on top of them.

Available in sets or separately in the pen aisle at Michaels.


This paper is affordable, easy to find in person or online,

and it works well for me. It doesn't fall apart if you use a lot of water or press your brush to the paper. Available at Michaels.

*None of these links are affiliate links.*

Tag me on Instagram @artbyisla if you try out one of my videos - I would love to see your work!

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