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    It’s really easy to assume bad will happen. To worry and plan and plan to worry. It’s much harder to accept the good, be grateful for the present, and be hopeful for the future. This year has taught me to trust and believe in the possibilities that may come. That love is just around the corner. That the things we work hard for and wish for might actually come true. 


    Original Aurora painting by Isla Jiang 'Crystal Portal’ 2022

    24x36" canvas - unframed


    This collection is about optimism and hope. It’s about trusting yourself and allowing good to enter your life. I wanted to use soft periwinkle, lavender, indigo, and azure to create an ethereal collection of aurora borealis-inspired paintings. The soft flowing colors represent freedom and joy. Each painting has a layer of silver in intricate symmetrical patterns that reflect the elegance and beauty of a cathedral. I wanted to evoke the beauty of nature and the churches without walls that surround us on this earth. I wanted a contrast between allowing things to flow naturally and something structured and precise. The silver is protective and optimistic. When viewed from the right angle, like any events in our lives, it lights up true and bright. When we search for the good, truly seek it out, we will always find it. 


    Mixed media on canvas. Signed on the back by artist.


    *As not all computer monitors are the same, colors may vary slightly from actual work.


    *International buyers: Please contact me prior to purchasing for a shipping price quote.

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