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3 Amazing Benefits of Meditating

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

Meditation is the basis of so much of my work. Here's why.

I work hard to make sure that silence is always a part of my day. If I ignore that need for quiet to contemplate and relax, I eventually feel a weight hanging over me, getting heavier by the minute.

If you've never tried meditating, it's not as intimidating as it sounds. It's just taking a little time (5 minutes is great!) to check in on yourself and see what you need. It's way too easy to move from your phone to your computer to your TV all day, and not giving your mind and spirit time to take a breath and recharge is so harmful.

“Taking a step away from the music, TV, social media... all those things that bombard us all day long, can make all the difference in your mental health.”

I encourage you to try it, and here's why:

1. It helps you gain perspective on difficult situations

Every job I've ever had has been difficult in its own way. At the worst of times, I wanted to scream and pull my hair out and at the best of times I wanted a break from being inside the same building day after day.

One way to take a break from difficult work situations is to go outside and spend some time in the fresh air and sunlight. Even if it's for five minutes, it makes a huge difference.

It makes you feel like the problems inside the building as so small, and it helps to manage anxiety and keep things in perspective.

2. It increases self-awareness

It's so important to take time, not only to see your situation from a different perspective, but to also see yourself differently.

I used to struggle with falling asleep.

Every night I would lie down and wait and wait and wait to fall asleep. On the best days, it was 25 minutes, on the worst an hour. Then I started exercising regularly and started doing yoga regularly.

Every day that I do yoga (I only do a ten minute routine, nothing fancy), my days are softer, easier, and more manageable. I take that time every morning to check in with myself and slow down before starting my day, and that makes all the difference.

“I take that time every morning to check in with myself and slow down before starting my day, and that makes all the difference.”

3. Increases imagination and creativity

By taking that time to slow down, put those stressful situations into perspective, and checking in on yourself, what you're actually doing is lightening the load you carry around with you every day.

When you lighten that load, you leave room for more creativity and joy in your daily life.

So next time when you're feeling overwhelmed, take a few moments and check in with yourself. Turn off the music, close your phone, and close your eyes. Let the silence clear out your mind for a few minutes and focus on being present, on enjoying the breath in your lungs.

It can change your life.

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